Constellation Love Floating Bottle

Let’s first understand the love concept of the twelve constellations, know yourself and the enemy, and win every battle! (FALSE)
The drifting bottle drifts everywhere, and in the end you will always find a suitable place to stay, so the website specially sorts out the preferences and love views of the constellations, so you don’t have to let your heart wander for too long!
The word in the love drifting bottle is a great trick that will make the people of this constellation instantly tempted. Be sure to memorize it.

魔羯座 Capricorn 12月23日─01月22日

Capricorn is a pragmatic person and has a sense of responsibility, but it is also easy to develop a rigid life and emotional attitude. Therefore, the love mentality of Capricorns is very practical. They will consider each other’s status, family, and living security conditions. Will rationally judge whether you really fall in love with each other, and get the same response, will face this relationship calmly and start planning a common life together. Capricorns seldom express their feelings actively. They attach great importance to management and accumulation. They will wait and see when faced with the other’s uncertain attitude or changes in the environment. If you invest in emotion, it will usually be a stable and practical relationship.

A word in the love drifting bottle of Capricorn:
Put your head down and feel the beating of your heart occasionally, it will guide you to take a step bravely.

水瓶座 Aquarius 01月21日─02月19日

An Aquarius is a person with a strong personality, self-centered, possessing a desire for control but not good at expressing, which can make people around you feel fickle or even a little strange. Therefore, the love mentality of Aquarius is very ups and downs. Sometimes the intention is to the extreme, sometimes it makes people feel very ruthless. They don’t have specific conditions for choosing a spouse, and they are more concerned about whether the character of the other party can be in harmony with them. Aquarius seldom falls in love at first sight, and most of them sublimate into love from friends. So the relationship with Aquarius has been recognized by him, and then he must be more integrated with his ideas to develop for a long time.

A word from the floating bottle of Aquarius love:
You just have to remember that I love you, and I love you the rest, don’t let go.

雙魚座 Pisces 02月20日─03月20日

Pisces is indecisive, passionate, and doesn’t want to live without passion. Therefore, the Pisces love mentality is to uphold romance, and a clear confession to others sometimes has no power to resist, so it will cause indecisive personality. On the one hand, he is very nostalgic, and often affects his mood because of a news or action from his predecessor, which makes the incumbent feel uneasy, but he also needs a strong sense of security. Pisces cannot be said to be a scumbag or a scumbag, but sometimes it does hurt the feelings of others, especially sometimes it hurts to avoid being confronted. Clearly expressing your thoughts will make Pisces be wary of where the boundaries are, which will help maintain the long-term relationship.

A word from Pisces love drifting bottle:
You can only love the person in front of you, passionately, and forever.

白羊座 Aries 03月21日─04月20日

Aries is a person who loves and hates, and is unfettered. Sometimes it can be extreme, and it can even be led by the nose. Therefore, the love mentality of Aries does not conceal their feelings. Once they fall in love, they may show an emotional side and look impulsive, but they are also easy to compromise in disputes. Often there is no real thing afterwards. react. Don’t think about controlling Aries, it will often be counterproductive. If there are constant quarrels, he will be really disgusted and walk away in the end. It is also a good way to make an Aries inseparable from you, because when he really cares about you, he will grab you very enthusiastically, and it’s useless to force it when he doesn’t care.

A word in the love drifting bottle of Aries:
I have everything you want, no need to say too much, no need to pretend, I only love you.

金牛座 Taurus 04月21日─05月21日

Taurus is a person who values feelings, has a slow personality, and likes stable relationships. It’s easy to fall in love with each other secretly, and like to use the method of trial first, and after confirming the other’s feelings, he will slowly bond with each other. Therefore, the Taurus love mentality is not to start dating casually, nor to break up casually. They often give each other opportunities or give themselves excuses until they can no longer restore the relationship. Taurus will pay attention to the other’s appearance or talents, and also pay attention to financial ability. Because the ability to express one’s true heart is not good, you must learn a little mind reading or have a lot of patience when interacting with a Taurus, but a Taurus is a trustworthy object emotionally and can be cherished.

A word in the Taurus love drifting bottle:
You don’t have to worry about the future, don’t worry about life, as long as you have me, you don’t have to worry about everything.

雙子座 Gemini 05月22日─06月21日

Gemini is a person who knows flexibility, has a changeable personality, and has a particularly strong adaptability. He often hides the true emotions in his heart, and only reveals his true self in front of the objects that he is truly assured of. Therefore, Gemini’s love mentality is hot outside and cold inside. At first, they will pursue passionately, but later on, they will feel a little retreat, because Gemini will seriously judge whether the two parties are suitable or not, but they often cannot be clean and tidy. To express their own minds, they will be in a conflicting mood and continue to communicate for a while, but if they meet a partner who has similar interests and personalities, give each other enough space to maintain the relationship well.

A word from the Gemini love drifting bottle:
I want to walk with you while loving, while loving while walking, the long road in life, all I want is you.

巨蟹座 Cancer 06月22日─07月23日

Cancer is a considerate person and may be overly dependent. It often gives people the impression of being gentle and generous and easy to get along with. Therefore, Cancer’s love mentality is easy to believe in each other. Even after quarreling, it will reflect on its own personality. After the angry mood is over, it will continue to blame itself for saying too much, often lose its bottom line, and continue to give each other opportunities. . Although it doesn’t look very smart, in fact, Cancer knows very well in his heart that it’s just a personality that is easy to soften up and needs to be comforted often. If you make Cancer fall in love with you completely, they will put you above his own personal position. For Cancer, love accounts for a large proportion of life.

A word in a Cancer love drifting bottle:
Where are you, my home is, hold my hand and don’t let go, we will be happy.

獅子座 Leo 07月24日─08月23日

Leo is a sincere person, always soft-hearted but will pretend to be strong, even if he is hurt, he is unwilling to admit it, and does his best to maintain his love. Therefore, Leo’s love mentality is to pretend that he is strong, proud not to bow his head easily, to impress each other’s heart with his sincerity, and to like to be echoed by others with the beautiful side of their love. In fact, he is very clear in his heart which talents are the objects of development in the future. Who is just a short-lived love relationship. Leo wants to rely on each other very much, but he will still show his independence. If Leo wants to end a relationship, he may be retained for a while, but separation is still the final result.

A word from Leo’s love drifting bottle:
I will give you what you want, because you are the only thing I want, so feel free to stay by my side.

處女座 Virgo 08月24日─09月23日

Virgo is a cautious and rational person, pursuing perfection, but sometimes lacks self-confidence in himself, and feels that love is not so easy. It must be cultivated slowly to achieve full-hearted trust. Therefore, Virgo’s love attitude is constantly considering, repeatedly wanting to confirm whether the other party is really suitable for him, and sometimes it will cause the other party to misunderstand whether he is inadequate. Relatively speaking, although Virgo is emotionally wary, once he chooses you to associate, he will seriously plan the future of the two people and care about everything about you. So when Virgo begins to accept that you are good to him, it means that you have taken a big step, and it is very likely that you will move to the next stage together.

A word in the love drifting bottle of Virgo:
I know you love me, because I am the same, I will be your most assured existence forever.

天秤座 Libra 09月24日─10月23日

Libra is a person who is easily attracted and pursues the beautiful imagination in the relationship. If he wants to rely on the other person to give him a sense of security in love, he will often take the initiative and fall in love at first sight. Therefore, Libra’s love attitude is to want to get along very freely and comfortably. He doesn’t care about small quarrels, but if it is too frequent, he will stop. Although he cannot leave the other party for a while, it will still cause bad results in the end. It is best to Work together to resolve differences between the two parties when they first happen. Libra’s beautiful imagination of love in his heart makes every moment of getting along with each other a romantic feeling, and often gives some small surprises. Relatively he likes that the other person can manage the relationship with the same heart, so that he can focus on this relationship for a long time. .

A word in the love drifting bottle of Libra:
I want to go with you all the way, my hair is gray and can’t walk, I still have to hold your hand.

天蠍座 Scorpio 10月24日─11月22日

Scorpio is a very contradictory person in love, has a strong personality contrast, will be sincere about the person identified, and will not be able to tolerate any betrayal, and is very possessive. Therefore, Scorpio’s attitude towards love is that when you love it, you are sincere. He is very firm in feelings and gives his love unreservedly. Scorpio is very independent in appearance, and it seems that he doesn’t care. In fact, he already has infinite dialogue in his heart, but he doesn’t know how to express it properly. I often want to test the other party, or even talk about breaking up to test whether the other party cares about me, and often fall into a situation where I can’t advance or retreat, and finally have to give up decisively, turning around seemingly cool. There is only one way to maintain your relationship with Scorpio, and that is to strengthen your own love for him and express it.

A word in the love drifting bottle of Scorpio:
You are the luck of my life. Let’s cherish the rest of my life together, okay?

射手座 Sagittarius 11月23日─12月22日

Sagittarius is a person who loves freedom, has an optimistic attitude towards things, is easily attracted by external beauty, and also values the feeling of getting along. Therefore, the attitude of Sagittarius is to like to be unrestrained, but also willing to slow down for love. Although it will still give people the impression of being carefree, it is because Sagittarius is still innocent like a child, so it must be tempered. Will stabilize. Sagittarius is easy to be erratic when facing love, and even he is not very clear about his own mind, just purely from liking to dating. If you want to maintain a long-term relationship between Sagittarius and you, you must also improve your own conditions. He is dependent on you, and gradually he will not see others in his eyes.

A word in the love drifting bottle of Sagittarius:
I want to know you, listen to you, be dependent on you, because we are in love.