[Trailer] Video Divination and Correspondence Divination will be launched in May

Can’t help but come to share this good news with everyone!
The video fortune telling of many friends knocking bowls is expected to be online next month

The website invites Tarot teachers with deep divination experience to provide video and correspondence services for everyone
Because we deeply understand that everyone wants to know more about the suggestions given by the Tarot cards
I hope to protect you who love tarot cards more gently
We are currently working hard to develop the entire process, hoping to make it convenient for everyone to listen to the teacher

Video divination has always been a safe and convenient way of divination, we don’t have to travel long distances to a certain alley
One-to-one video confidentiality is high, you can ask the teacher as much as you want
Even overseas friends can use it. Those who speak Japanese and English will wait for us.

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