Free tarot reading–What does the guardian angel want to tell you

Free tarot reading–What does the guardian angel want to tell you?
Everyone has their own guardian angel, who protects you in various ways, and gives you advice and guidance.
Some people will try to talk to themselves, or through various communication courses, hoping to connect with their guardian angel.
Tarot cards can also listen to your voice, convey your request, and let the guardian angel answer you through the cards.

Always remember that the guardian angel must give you positive power.
Let you get the courage to protect the people or important things you want to protect.
Continue to talk to the guardian angel until you overcome difficulties and until you get happiness.

Silently, he will still stand by your side.

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(1)Please recite your name and the request you want to say to the guardian angel sincerely, and press “Shuffle”。

(2)This divination uses only the real cards for divination, and the reverse cards will be used in special situations.

(3)Choose five cards randomly from the shuffled cards below. After five draws are completed, the flop button will appear.

(4)To see the solution card, please click “Read card”.

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