[Gift] SOMEONES customized tarot bracelet and essential oil necklace are the best gifts

Thank you everyone for your love of ordering SOMEONES. Through the result of drawing the Tarot card with Swarovski crystal elements, we will protect your wishes together!
Because it is a unique product, we used the exquisite flannel box to store this precious heart when making it.
So it is also a great choice to give gifts to friends and lovers!

When ordering gifts, you can write the name of the other party and what you want to say to the other party in the remarks field. We will print the name on the ribbon on the flannel box to represent the exclusive gift.
The exquisite gift card will also write what you want to say, which is a good way to express your heart!
Or just contact us directly via mail/LINE/FB!

Thank you

Exquisite gift card:
The gift card will write the opponent’s name and the date of divination, and will write further suggestions in addition to the results of the divination, so that you and him/her can always remember the special meaning of the crystal, and there will be a reminder on the back!

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