It started with LadyGO APP (2015)

In order to provide girls with a high-quality news reader, we developed the LadyGO APP, which is specially designed to allow machine learning to pick out the TOP 10 NEWS every day according to users’ preferences! There are currently tens of thousands of users, and I hope girls like such a high-quality, ad-free reader.

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Then there is TarotGO APP (2017)

The station master ran to learn Tarot divination on a whim, and was deeply attracted by this mysterious power, thinking that girls must really need a high-quality tarot online divination. Did TarotGO! The like-minded partner developed online video fortune telling without a second word. It is really not easy. It can be used in both the browser and the APP. Hope to help the public who have any troubles!

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The next step is AskGO APP (2018)

The new online video service, Google searches for professional questions and life experiences that cannot be answered, and through carefully invited experts, you can ask enough at a time, which is convenient and at ease! You can move forward step by step It’s a very happy thing to go, I hope you all come together with us! Never give up what you love! It is more important to believe in yourself! You can make it! We can make it !!

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Next is “someones” (2020) that hopes to bring everyone happiness

Through everyone’s favorite tarot draw result, it turns into a unique symbol and surrounds you. Maybe it’s a wish made lightly, maybe it’s getting better and better. One direction, someones with you…

Tarot Essential Oil Necklace Tarot Wish Bracelet

Finally is the officially established GOMEDIA TECH LTD. (2021)

Hope tender intelligent technology can understand people’s hearts and change lives.