GOMEDIA TECH LTD. Founding Purpose

『Tender Artificial Intelligence Technology, read your heart, change your life』

Thank you for your love of free tarot divination, which creates more than 50,000 user visits and more than 500,000 web page views every month.

Beginning in 2021, GOMEDIA TECH LTD. will be formally established.

A series of plans are advancing step by step, creating more intelligent technology around the word “tender”, hoping to make our lives better.

We often receive feedback from everyone. Many people think that the results of divination are very accurate, and more people want to encourage us. And appreciate us for creating this small world.

The webmaster would also like to thank everyone who has been here to play, and hope to bring you the strength and good suggestions to move forward.

The Internet is deeper and wider than the sea. It’s really not easy to meet you. In a word, it is fate.


Some love words repeatedly saying may come true, and some wish repeatedly thinking may come true. It’s not a fantasy.

But you can’t just be saying, and you can’t just be thinking.

Some changes will come as you grow, then luck will come, and then the choice is yours.

You can take time to explore, youth will not end until you hope it will end.


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