Personal Data Law and Privacy Policy:

  1. Users who reserve the video and include correspondence instruction agree that GOMEDIA website will provide personal information related to the video to the teacher as a response need, and the content of the video and correspondence instruction will be displayed to the teacher as a reference for the answer.

Online video reservation and cancellation policy:

  1. The cancelable time of a video reservation order is determined by the platform in accordance with the rules of the reservation time. If the cancelable time is exceeded, the reservation cannot be cancelled and the fee cannot be refunded.
  2. If you cannot cancel after the available appointment time, you can directly contact the customer service staff to help change the appointment time.
  3. If the user connects after the appointment time has passed, the teacher has the right to end the video before the scheduled end time, and the user cannot refund the fee.
  4. It is recommended that users use WIFI or a 4G network with no data limit (all you can eat) when using video to ensure the quality of communication. It is not recommended to use a network with a data limit. This website is not responsible for exceeding the data limit External telecommunications costs.

Product warranty policy:

  1. The goods sold on the website are all custom-made products made by human ingenuity. A one-time warranty service for non-artificial damage, stains, and wear is provided within one year. You can directly contact the customer service staff for assistance.
  2. The warranty content is the original customized content, and it is not possible to request the replacement of specific components.
  3. If there is no inherent component replacement, the website can replace it with a similar component.

Return and Exchange Policy:

  1. According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) when the goods arrive. Customers (including themselves, relatives, friends, or administrators, etc.) can accept returns for seven days from the next day after signing for the goods, provided that the goods remain brand-new and fully packaged. The seven-day appreciation period is a “consideration period” and not a “trial period”. If the product is unpacked and used, which results in stains, worn out soles, peculiar smells, incomplete accessories and lack of integrity, the resale value will be lost. Cannot be returned.
  2. If the product is defective or inconsistent in size, the same product can be exchanged. If the replacement is due to a defective product, the freight will be borne by our company.
  3. The returned product must be in a brand new state and fully packaged (keep the integrity of the returned product, invoice, accessories, tag, internal and external packaging, gifts, etc.).
  4. If you want to return the product, please send it back in the original packaging, including the intact outer box, shoe box, merchandise, wrapping paper, catalog, tag, gifts, etc. If the original outer box has been lost, please use a carton Wrap the product outside the original factory packaging. Do not paste paper or write words directly on the original factory packaging for delivery. If all items in the original box are damaged or missing, no return will be accepted.
  5. Personal clothing (such as pajamas, socks, eye masks, etc.) cannot be returned or exchanged after opening.
  6. The size error of 2cm, the color difference of the screen, the exposed thread, the buttonhole is not opened, or the smell of the new product, etc., are within the acceptable range in the international inspection standards and are not considered defects.
  7. Due to computer resolution and screen issues, there may be color differences. The actual product received shall prevail.
    Please note that returns cannot be accepted under the following circumstances:
  1. More than 7 days of appreciation period.
  2. The accessories of the product are incomplete or the tag has been cut (please return all packaging accessories for products such as shirts).
  3. The goods have obvious signs of use or washing, damage, or man-made stains, powder makeup, or damage. We will not accept returns.
  4. Pyjamas, socks, eye masks, etc. are personal underwear, or some specific products are manufactured after receiving an order. They are regarded as customized products and cannot be refunded or cancelled. We will not accept returns.
  5. Overseas delivery does not accept returns or exchanges. Return process description
  1. Please contact us through the message function of the order and inform us in detail about the status of the product. If the product is defective, please provide a photo of the product defect. After confirming the reason, please send the product to the designated return by the consumer address.
  2. Please put the goods back in the original packaging or carton, and if you have a delivery note, please pack it togetherDescription of the refund schedule
  1. When your return request is established, we will issue a refund within 7 working days after receiving the returned product.
  2. We will refund if you pay by credit card. However, because each bank has different refund regulations, please contact your card issuing bank for the specific refund time.