Free Tarot Card Divination-Pet Horoscope

Do you have a dear pet?
Do you believe that they came to you without a reason?
In the parallel universe, we repeatedly meet and accompany each other.

I hope we cherish more than just people who want to stay together for life.
The days of falling in love with pets are the purest love and happiness.
Let the Tarot cards tell you what they can protect you during the recent period.

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(1)Please recite your name and your pet’s name sincerely, and press “Shuffle”。

(2)Pick five cards at random from the shuffled cards below. After the five cards are drawn, the flip button will appear。

(3)Please press “Flip” again. This divination only uses the real card to divination, the reverse card will be used in special situations。

(4)To see the card reading, please click “Explain”。


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