Free Tarot Divination-What the supervisor (teacher) thinks of me

Free Tarot Divination-What the supervisor (teacher) thinks of me

Competent heart, sea needle.
Don’t understand what he is thinking? How did the supervisor or instructor comment on me?
What can I do to get his approval?

Tarot cards will have different results according to different times and objects. Remember to draw cards often to see if there is any change!
No matter what kind of supervisor or teacher, there are opportunities to learn and grow, and the way to deal with it will lead to different life development.

Key reminders, the month before the performance appraisal (exam) is the most important.

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(1)Please recite your name and the name of your supervisor or teacher sincerely, and press “Shuffle”。

(2)This divination uses only the real cards for divination, and the reverse cards will be used in special situations.

(3)Choose five cards randomly from the shuffled cards below. After five draws are completed, the flop button will appear.

(4)To see the solution card, please click “Read card”.

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